Watching Of 10 Best Amazon Prime Movies In 2019

About Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the paid subscription of Amazon that offers extra benefits to the users in terms of waiving off certain extra costs that would have been paid by an ordinary customer. Apart from the basic benefits pertaining to e-commerce, now it has emerged as one of the best movie streaming forums that allow the users to enjoy the top-notch quality of audio and video of both the latest as well as the old releases. The article discusses further on the top 10 movies that need to be watched in 2019, including project free tv riverdale.

The top 10 of the list

The following are the top 10 movie recommendations that every movie buff should watch in the year 2019:

  • You were never really here, which is considered to be one of the bests for the year owing to its unique storyline and the ease with which the audience can relate to the same. The searing humanity is one of the elements for its success.
  • The Florida Project, with its casting of Willem Dafoe to deliver his best performance till date on a man trying his best to come out of an impossible situation.
  • Riverdale, which is based on the famous Archie Comics and has modified the storyline to catch the tastes of the audience easily. project free tv riverdale is one of the most searched ones in today’s time.
  • Moonlight, that perfectly portrays the struggles faced by a man in his twenties to understand his sexuality and how he emerges out in the three-part story.
  • Dog Soldiers, that is one of the best werewolf movies made till date and can cause good adrenaline rush amongst the teenagers of today’s time.
  • Lady Bird, that is the perfect combination of drama as well as comedy and presents mother-daughter relationship in a new manner
  • Unsane, that portrays the form of terror that arose from a small mobile tap and presents one of the best psychological thrillers of today’s time
  • Arrival, that turns out to be one of the perfect thought-arousing science fiction movies of today’s time
  • What We Do in The Shadows, a new age portrayal of the supernatural entity of vampire and their lives in the modern day world
  • Zodiac, that is yet another masterpiece by the trio of Robert Downey Junior, Mark Ruffalo, and Anthony Edwards

Hence, the above-mentioned are the top 10 movies that everyone should watch in the relatable atmosphere of 2019.