Apex Legends Players Keep Finding Tiny Hidden Animals

The Amazing new game

The launch of the new latest action game, which also made it to the top among 2019’s hottest games has created a frenzy among the players. The game called Apex Legends is making its way to the list of hottest games launched in 2019. With over millions of downloads within mere 8 hours of its launch, it surely has created hysteria among all the game lovers who were waiting for its launch eagerly.

The new updates

Despite being among the most discussed games and being in news due to all the major changes that have been brought about, Apex Legends has been a great hit. Firstly, the absence of the titans has been a much-discussed topic. Unlike all other battle royal games where there are loads of actions, out of the world battle activities with exclusive machines apex legends have the titans missing. Apart from this it also made news as players have reported having seen some surprise entities along the battle environments. Some have seen easter eggs, baby dinosaurs and even dogs and dog shrines. To everyone’s wonder, these were hidden animals that were spread all across the game’s battlefields.  There are many speculations doing the rounds about its significance. But according to the statement given out by the designer, it can be concluded that it might be a tribute to his pet dog who passed away recently out of some deteriorating health condition.

In addition to all the new features and updates given in the new game, it is an established protocol that with every launch of a game comes the new set of game hacks which make it easier for the players in the game. Apex legends hack too have been launched which help the players to conquer the game levels in a much easier way.