Customers Say Parking Signage Unclear After Cars Towed From Spartanburg Restaurant

A signage is supposed to tell people about a place. In order for a signage to impart correct information, it is very important for it to be correct and perfectly readable. A signage companies Brisbane that is not clearly directing people can lead to confusion and also lead people to disobey certain rules unconsciously.

Seven cars were towed away from a parking lot in front of Blue Bay Seafood Restaurant in Spartanburg. The towing company Cole Towing is being considered responsible for the act. And the customers of the restaurant who had their cars towed away are very unhappy with the entire facade. Most of the people who had their card towed away complain about the unclear signages that conceal more information than they reveal. They have reported that while they were parking their cars, the signages clearly read that they are not supposed to park in a private space and should only use the parking area that has been allotted to Blue Bay Seafood. However, there was no clear demarcation about what parking space belongs to the restaurant and where the customers are not supposed to park their cars.

It has been reported that Cole Towing has been a company that has raised several problems in the past as well. The company has been reported to tow cars without any proper reasoning. However, the owners of the restaurant in this case have denied on having a private parking space. They have stated that the parking area has always been used by their customers without any problems like these and they have never received any complaint of this nature. The owners have, however, taken responsibility of the incident for their customers. They also paid the amount that the customers had to spend for impounding their vehicles and have ensured that such incidents will not be repeated.