Some Ways To Post To Facebook Automatically

One motivation behind blogging is for you to find a target audience, and eventually, grow them. In order for you to do so, there are a lot of possible ways. A WordPress blog is something that needs to be promoted, as people rarely deliberately go onto the site just so that they get to access whatever is there. This is the reason as to why people opt to do WordPress auto post to Facebook, as well as posting on other social media platforms just to get people talking. With that said, what are some of the ways for people to do so? Let’s find out below.

WP-Auto Share Post

This is a plugin which is found on Word Press, and will allow you to automatically share for both Twitter and Facebook. Not only does it allow for sharing automatically, it also allows for a predefined message or status, taking convenience up a notch. While it’s a bit more technical, it still does the job rather well.

Social Publish

This allows for automatic publishing on Facebook and Twitter the moment it gets published on the blog. All that you really have to do is sign up for a SocialPublish account, and then get the accounts of choice connected. A custom message can also be added, but you don’t really have to if you think it’s not fit for your content.

Mail Chimp Social

Another plugin that’s best if you’re just on Facebook or Twitter allows you to “pull in” reactions, and then have them displayed in line with the usual comments. It can be published on multiple accounts, and you can also have the messages customized, associated with the posts. The use of custom apps, however, are needed in order to be able to share accounts. If you want people to interact with your posts, then this is the one for you.