Getting Your Severance Pay On Time

Severance pay comes in handy to a number of employees when they use it in the right way. However figuring out whether or not you are eligible to get Severance Pay is often difficult. If you are not too sure how the Severance Pay functions and whether or not you can get this money then you may want to check the Severance Pay Canada details so that you know whether you can claim this money or not.

Severance Pay is a pay that is usually handed over to employees when they get laid off, or because of termination of services or because a certain department has shut down. Sometimes organisations even lay off a certain number of people because they are not able to handle their resources or pay them a salary and in such situations every employee who has been laid off can claim Severance Pay. It is important for organisations to pay them this money so that they are able to manage their finance and get back on their feet.

If your organisation does not offer severance pay you may want to ask them to compensate when they lay you off without prior notice. Most organisations usually provide severance pay and this is an important part of your offer when you sit across the employer. If you are not aware of your rights, most organisations tend to take you for a ride which is why it is essential you take your time and research about how much money the organisation has to pay you when you quit or when you are laid off. Money can also come in handy in times of emergency and in such a situation you should have a good relationship with the HR as well as the employer so that you can make the claim.